As a one-stop total roofing solutions provider, AVT TuffShield offers a wide range of high quality roofing accessories to fulfil the requirements of any project.

Pattern sheets are ideal products for decoration purposes. They can be used during interior paneling, or flooring the buses, trucks, cabins, etc. The soft, flexible and malleable form of these sheets helps the interior designers in molding them into desired shape and pattern. Available in both Aluminum and GI, they incorporate the capacities of being light weighted, rust-free, and easy-to-clean.

Plain sheets are constructed from long cast slabs or continuous cast coils on demand; they are rolled down into sheets according to customized thickness measured through a gauge, and stated tolerance levels. Its bare texture and the fact that it is made up of either Aluminum or GI makes it a potential item to be used in the vehicles’ external body, vehicle’s number plates, electrical switch boards, etc.

Louvers are metal window frames with angled slats. This allows light and air to pass through the frame, but have the added benefit of keeping our excessive noise, rain and sunshine. The angle of the slats may be adjustable or fixed.