As a one-stop total roofing solutions provider, AVT TuffShield offers a wide range of high quality roofing accessories to fulfil the requirements of any project.

Crimped sheets perform the purpose of a Lintel in Civil Constructions; their long length is fused together rather than making the use of screws, nuts, openings, or covers, with a slight bend on the ends reducing any and all chances of spillage or leakage. Made from aluminum or PPGL, they assist in keeping away rain or sunlight from entering the doors or windows.

Curved sheets also known as the Arch Sheets plays a major role in roofing Car porches, sheds, and halls; the sheets not only serve its purpose of providing a cover, it simultaneously contributes to the aesthetic attributes of the place. Available is varied colors, shapes, and thickness, it proves to be a durable solution!

Flashings act as an important part of the water-resistant blockade system; they are installed at places with expansion joints, penetrations, valleys, drains, perimeters and other parts of the house where the roof sheets might be interrupted, conjoined, or terminated, to prevent a sudden outburst of water. Flashings are most commonly used as a waterproofing device.

GI Gutter is a narrow tube or a duct used to prevent accumulation of rain water on the roofs; it works in diverting the flow of water from a shed towards the drain. Galvanized Iron is the material most suitably used in the construction of GI Gutters due to its anti-corrosive properties. Our product is available in different colors and shapes to compliment your building’s structure and design.

PVC Pathy and Fittings are channels used in a water discharge system; these channels are functioned to avoid the dripping of water from the roof by changing the direction of the flow of water typically towards a drain. These tubes come is various colors and shapes, its fittings are flexible and can be unscrewed, and are effective to control the action of rain water.

Ridges’ caps made from aluminum and GI coil are used to top the peaks where two opposite planes on a roof meet. The ridge caps are available in different styles; it’s either plain or contains grooves to withstand the tough nature or hard surfaces of the roof sheets. They are also available in colors and shapes complementary to the roofing sheets.

Turbo Air Ventilators, wind-driven and made of aluminum or stainless steel are known for their easy installation and robustness. They are installed on the roof tops of mainly the commercial and industrial set up or buildings to help purify the air surrounding it. They don’t use any electrical power; instead, make productive use of the wind direction and flow to function.

Turbo Air Ventilators’ bottom base works as an intermediate between the Turbo Air Ventilators and the roof-top surface, providing a strong support for the ventilators to stay firmly fixed on the ground. The base plate is commonly made from the Aluminum, Polycarbonate or FRP material, the choice entirely based on the roof-top surface.

Thoomanam is a product used in designing and styling the roof; they are available as a roofing border design with cuts and carvings to make it more appealing. Apart from its intention of enhancing the aesthetics of the roof, it also works as a covering over the gutters or the pathy.

Magudams’ sole purpose is to intensify the attractive look of the house in context of its style of roofing. We offer magudam is different colors, designs and shapes that will certainly enhance the overall beauty of your house by enriching its exquisite roofing features.

Mugappu is named as the product which is used on roof-tops to make it outwardly more attractive. However, these give the roof designs a particularly distinct look; mugappus’ reflect the traditional South Indian style of architecture. Available in varied colors and styles, it doesn’t limit itself from giving the house a simple-yet-intricate south Indian touch.

Insulators as the name imply are items made of aluminum foil or bubble sheets to moderate the internal temperature of a house and provide a cooling effect. These insulators are laid down between layers of roofing to ensure that a house or a building is least affected by the sun’s direct heat. They come in different forms of thickness depending on the weather situation and extent of usage.

Screws, nuts and bolts are generally used in fixing the sheets together while roofing, or cladding the sheets. There are Self Drilling Screws designed and developed for specific tasks and applications; these screws excel in yielding high pullout strength and shear strength, maximum thread engagement, and positive fastening in both structural steel and timber constructions. Screws and nuts help in fastening the pace of roofing, cladding, or assembling the sheets, enabling completion of tasks in much less time. All kinds of sizes are available, depending on the requirements.